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. the simple device that could have helped and what others learned from their scary experience. we begin with breaking news and we got reports of a robbery and possible shooting at a jewelry store in san jose. jeanine della vega joins us live to let us know about the situation, good afternoon. >> reporter: police have this whole area roped off and this whole happened by this jewelry store and right now officers are talking to employees to try to piece together what happened. we know two armed men are on the run. let's go to some video we have from news chopper 2. this all started at about 10:10 this morning. police tell us two men entered this jewelry store and they did have a gun with them and the
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store clerk inside had a gun and fired back at the suspects and it is unknown if he hit one of them. those robbers ended up running out of the store and it's unclear whether there was a getaway car and they did not tell us whether they got away with any items inside the store and this is what they had to say. >> we have officers looking for witnesses and others are searching for video and this could possibly help in this investigation and we have officers canvassing the area looking for possible suspects. now we are told by police that apparently the clerk said that the two men had masks on and had hooded sweatshirts but they don't have a goodies description of them and right now they are in the store trying to get their hands on the surveillance video to see if that is helpful.
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you can see them inside the store and there was a bit of a language barrier and the people inside spoke spanish and they did speak spanish and they are hoping that will help get to the bottom of this and that will help track down leads on these two suspects. reporting live jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 news. and more than a dozen people are recovering following a carbon-monoxide scare at their home. we are talking with people who were hospitalized and alex, what are the lessons firefighters say we can all learn from this? >> reporter: well, first off, there were no carbon-monoxide fire detectors inside this house and he wants to emphasize they are life savers. somebody inside the home started to feel sick with headaches and they decided to
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call 911. firefighters were called out to the house and found an entire family with carbon-monoxide inside their blood. 13 people including two young kids had carbon-monoxide in their blood and they went to the hospital. >> i am glad we called everybody because we had a lot of people here thanksgiving so everybody had to go to the hospital. >> fire marshalls tell us this call was a good reminder for everyone to have working carbon- monoxide detectors and gas is especially dangerous. >> reporter: carbon-monoxide is odor less colorless and you can't tell it's there. a lot of heating equipment, if they are not functioning properly, they can be emitting carbon-monoxide. >> you can get carbon-monoxide boys son -- poisoning and if she didn't call, it could have
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been dangerous. >> reporter: a representative checked all the appliances and could not find any gas leaks. fire marshalls say it could have been cigarette smoke which led to carbon-monoxide levels being raised but we are not sure what happened at this time. >> reporter: they only had somalian smoke detectors installed but the landlord showed up and installed those carbon-monoxide detectors as well. beginning january 1st of next year, all apartments and homes in california will be required to have work being carbon- monoxide detectors. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and a foggy monday greeted in some parts of the bay area, for the most part, we have a live look at the estuary and we
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have hazy skies and it is finally cleared in most of the bay area. fog was so bad because of the fog from the bay alley and coastal fog in the distance and here is what it looks like the bay bridge toll plaza, they have issued fog advisories on all bridges except the dumbarton except the chp was reminding people to slow down and with plenty of distance between you and yourself, you must drive slowly with caution in fog. they delayed several flights out of our local airports. live from fso, there are still delays at noontime? >> yes, it will still be two or three hours until things turn back to normal but even though it is noon the fog created a ripple affect and now this fog advisory which we talked about
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expired early but in terms of flights, there are still some throughout the morning and airport officials say canceled flights were arriving. officials say arriving flights delayed things and most are like seattle, san diego and l.a. and even flights to dallas were affected and some say they are just rolling with the punches. >> i travel a lot so i am rolling with the punches. i just feel bad for my kids because they don't know what is going on. they just want to see their poppy in coastal rica. >> are you taking the planes because they are already here but at this time i didn't do that so you gamble when you fly
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to san francisco. >> reporter: plane flights from the east coast were not affected. and though it is no training engineer to the fso, they say the fog is different. >> what is different is normally we see a marine layer and this is fairly dense, lower to the ground but the result is something we have seen before. >> reporter: and of course this was a thanksgiving weekend and even though there was a heavy volume of flights, the bulk of the flights left over the weekend. this could continue until 3:00 or 4:00 until the regular flight schedule resumes but of course that depends on mother nature. >> and they did not report any delays and as you can see visibility was okay in spied of a low ceiling. taxis were delayed no more than
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15 minutes. one major bay area airport is having a serious problems with birds. in fact they could affect safety and coming up, dealing with the problem may controversy cause controversy. three shootings left four people dead and all of this occurred in just 24 hours over the holiday weekend. this map shows where the fatal shootings happened. it happened near brook deal avenue and a woman was shot on 28th avenue in east oakland. and another man was shot after being shot. 15 homicides so far this year and still over a month to go.
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the all-time high was in 1975 deaths. they are now accepting entry level officer jobs. they must be 21 years old, have a valid california drivers' license and a high school diploma or equivalency diploma. applications will end december 7th and starting salary for san francisco police officers is 88,000 dollars. and in antioch, they may offer new incentive to get more experienced officers to their police force. they are changing the retirement formula for existing officers and transfers from other departments. if approved and they could get a pension of 3% of their last year's salary times the number of years they worked for the police department. the police department currently
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has 14 vacant tee circumstances. they are asking a major league baseball team for more than a mill dollars. there is a major change headed this way. we will tell you how much americans are expected to spend. card hassles?
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. capital christmas tree has arrived on the lawn and the 65- foot tall spruce is from colorado. it was delivered this morning on a flatbed big-rig. it will be decorated with 5,000 ornaments and this year's theme is celebrating outdoors. we will flick the switch on december 4th to turn lights on. and the issue of same sex marriage, the court is set to hold closed door conference friday on proposition 8 and it's on the line. they could decide whether to view the challenge on the voter approved ban on same sex marriage and high court could hear cases challenging the
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defensive act. depending on how far it goes, it could end up legalizing or banning same sex marriage nationwide. > anfor the medical care it gave to bryan stow, he is the fan who was brutally beaten in los angeles. the hospital is seeking 1.2 million dollars from the dodgers for extensive brain trauma treatment. the hospital went to u.s. bankruptcy court in an effort to be reimbursed. they are hoping the issue is resolved soon. >> i do think the level of care i know he has received since over an entire baseball season now, the billed a up and i do think there is some negligence cases they probably have. >> the family is also suing the dodgers because of what they estimate in $50 million in
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lifetime medical expenses. they blame lacks security in the parking lot. a 14-year-old boy is accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a 65-year-old woman at gunpoint from the gateway plaza shopping center. king faces 10 felony counts as an adult including attempted murder, torture kidnapping carjacking and several sex offenses. a san francisco sheriff's deputy is accused of robbing a bank this afternoon. phillip was arrested earlier this month and authorities say he robbed a bank of america branch in the district. he faces robbery and second degree burglary charges. now that black friday is behind us, holiday shoppers are logging on for this cyber monday. today is expected to be the largest online shopping day of
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the year and they are spent $1.5 billion on shopping today. many retailers are offering deals and discounts such as toys-r-us which is offering 70% off some items and macy's dot com is offering more in all departments. here is how strong online sales will be. >> i mean the crowds were extraordinary and so now we'll see how much we've got left over for the cyber monday cycle. >> they are advising consumers cyber crime is on the rise and only use reapable -- reputable websites. we have more on cyber tips on our website just go to and click on the
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cyber tab on the home page. it jumped more than 12% and national retail association visited and spent an average of $423. but those numbers included shopping that actually started on thanksgiving. another retail tracking company said sales on friday actually dropped almost 2% because many retailers will open at least part of the day for thanksgiving. and they showed a disturbing number of research animals and that's according to the san francisco chronicle which obtained the records and the chronicle report says violations of the federal welfare act persisted after they paid more than $90,000 to settle animal neglect charges against it. the humane society will pay owners to bring their dogs in
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to be spayed and neutered. it applies to san mateo county and they will pay $20 and the peninsular said it is a response to the high number of dogs in bay area shelters. san jose leaders are getting ready to make a big and controversial move at the city's airport. they may give airport staffers and biologists the okay to shoot at birds to scare them away, but for the most part they will use blanks. the current city law allows them to fire guns and there are more than 108 bird strikes since 2009. it happened when they hit the engines of a southwest -- when birds hit the engines of a southwest airlines jet. and good day for the second
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half of your day, from the estuary you can see hazy sunshine and low clouds in the background. still fog reported over part of the bay as well as the peninsular and along the coastline but foggy conditions will continue through this afternoon and napa is slightly warmer, santa rosa is slightly cooler and same goes for concord, slightly cooler and warmer in livermore. widespread 50s and 60s outside our door. a ridge of high pressure is still in place, locked in for awhile while -- for a little while longer. 58 degrees in san francisco, 58 in mountain view, mostly clear skies and we'll see that hazy sunshine for today and all in all it will be a pleasant afternoon but the satellite radar shows you it is on the way. by wednesday morning it is
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hanging into the valley and if you are travel into the valley we will have mostly sunny skies and tuesday morning we wake up with clouds and fog and we will be mostly cloudy for all of tuesday until wednesday morning. it brings in gusty conditions with it. this will be your morning drive, be prepared for slick roads and you will have windshield wipers going. by the evening, it looks good and we'll see a 12 hour to 18 hour break before this next system begins to move in. we are still mainly dry but by thursday night into friday another round comes in, in time for the weekend. hazy sunshine for the weekend, dry weather through tuesday night and big changes are in store passed that. giving you a look at your afternoon highs, 63 for novato 6 3 for san rafael. these numbers are slightly warmer for this time of year.
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634 for pleasanton, 6 -- 63 for pleasanton, and 60s are expected along the coast. there is your extended forecast and again turning cloudy by tomorrow and then again wednesday. snow levels will remain high in the beginning and we will continue to watch that as we move through and the next system rolls through, rain is off and on through the last business day of the week. if you are planning on getting out there and putting up those holiday lights, you better get out there. we received a call from the fremont area about a small earthquake which was centered between union city and fremont. the u.s. g said it was on the hayward fault and there were no reports of injuries or damages. more children are hurt in inflatable bounce houses. 30 children a day are treated in emergency rooms from broken
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bones to concussions and most of these injuries happen when they follow in or out or collide with other bouncing kids. but some happened while bounce houses collapsed analysted over -- and listed over -- lifted over high winds. and it is one of the most popular music groups ever, stay tuned. we will explain.
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. we are talking about a debt crisis which continues to challenge, the dow jones industrial average is down 55 and the nasdaq is up slightly and it is up a 5th and the s&p 500 is up 4. and they are enjoying the international car show and the auto show in san francisco is showcasing 39 auto makers. it is the 55th year for the event and for the first time a ten des -- attendees can drive test models. the legendary rock group, the rolling stones are marking their 50th anniversary. [ music ] >> 20,000 fans were on hand last night at the arena for the stones first stadium show since
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2007 and they were joined on stage for an emotional reunion, however they had to end the concert early to add here to london's strict 11:00 p.m. curfew. and san jose is looking for a new leader for the retirement of chris moore. how the most populated city is enlisting the help of residents and who might be in the running for the job. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 morning news and we are always here for you on and mobile ♪
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